1705-1330 Harwood St, Vancouver, BC

Creative Digital Technology

As I have 20 years working on a huge array of digital projects, my experience is significant in understanding the best way to conceive and build a digital project. Everything from enterprise websites, kiosks, and mobile apps to large museum installations and projection mapping. And I also have a creative vision for projects and often that is a special difference in the way I work compare to other consultants with an IT background. While I am also incredibly technical, I have a fresh way of looking at projects and inspiring the best from the teams I work with.

I call myself a Creative Technologist as I help my clients creatively vision the project overall, develop specifications and requirements, write RFPS and manage them, and help hire the web team to build it. Once it is being built, I consult on the project progress and mitigate technical and creative risk during the project. I provide aspects of project management, but typically, my clients have a full-time project manager assigned to the project.

My approach is usually to assign a percentage of budget that is manageable and appropriate for the level of expertise and risk mitigation I bring. For complex projects like these, the consulting fees ranges are in the $25-75k as it may involve hundreds of hours.