1705-1330 Harwood St, Vancouver, BC


I inspire and build relationships between
people and organizations online.

I work primarily as a creative technologist. I help organizations with developing and implementing new digital strategies. Or, if you are looking for a strategic facilitator to help you work out the thornier problems in your organization, then I also can help. As a campaigner, digital strategist, and transformative consultant, I bring insight, experience and solutions to your organization or project. Lastly, if your organization needs a new digital presence, then check out my agency Agentic Digital Media. 

Transformative Consulting

What is unique and powerful about the transformational approach is that it can create inspiring breakthroughs in the way people think, feel and behave while simultaneously working in an integrated way to shift the structural conditions in which they live and work.


In today’s world, you need to plan and strategize before doing. With my methodology of engagement, we use theories of change to assist you in creating the right approach first before the first line of code.


My goal is to help you engage and motivate your supporters, staff, or board. I have facilitated hundreds of sessions, in a variety of contexts, ensuring you have an experienced and knowledgeable guide. I enjoy meeting new people and learning from the facilitated sessions I offer. Some of these sessions include focus groups, stakeholder sessions, and board and staff retreats. Primarily, I work with social change organizations that have a progressive agenda. My experience and knowledge working with First Nations organizations in British Columbia is particularly substantial.

User Testing and Research

Knowing your audience helps you make better decisions about programming and campaigns. I can help you dig into what makes them tick. Through user testing, focus groups (qualitative), online surveys (quantitative) and more.

Creative Technologist

Having an experienced technology expert in the room radically changes how you can approach your projects. With over 20 years of experience in high-technology and creative practice, I translate the tech to you and make sure you are making the right decisions. I can help develop your RFP, manage your vendors and ensure project success.

Program Management and Budgeting

Many times you need to know what something might cost, especially if it uses technology. I’ve run many programs and developed the budgets that animate them. I can help you develop, manage and budget for online technology projects and programs.