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My goal is to help you engage and motivate your supporters, staff, or board. I have facilitated hundreds of sessions, in a variety of contexts, ensuring you have an experienced and knowledgeable guide. I enjoy meeting new people and learning from the facilitated sessions I offer. Some of these sessions include focus groups, stakeholder sessions, and board and staff retreats. Primarily, I work with social change organizations that have a progressive agenda. My experience and knowledge working with First Nations organizations in British Columbia is particularly substantial.


As someone who identifies as BIPOC, I work with an anti-racism lens and consider always the power dynamics in a room. My work is inclusive and welcoming. While I am trained in transformation consulting, I am also a certified workplace investigator and have taken several workshops on trauma-informed practices.

Board Retreats and Strategic Planning Sessions:

Every board needs to take time to step back and consider their work for the upcoming year. A board retreat is a critical time to evaluate past work and consider the strategic priorities for the next year. I can create a valuable session with the limited time that boards have by creating a relevant agenda and facilitating your team for the session. My lens for approaching this work is Transformative Consulting as well as Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI).

Meetings and Gatherings:

I help organizations gather the right people and ask the right questions to move them forward in their project or program. My experience gives my clients the confidence to handle differing opinions and conflict and to move toward consensus. Whether the meeting lasts an hour or a day, my methodology creates a safe and welcoming atmosphere.

Mission and Vision:

Mission statements need to define an organization’s goals and culture, but they don’t have to be boring. My work with organizations has not only created value for the organization by aligning stakeholders, but it also builds up the organization through a creative and productive process. For me, the mission statement needs to be a North Star aligning the organization with the work its employees do every day. And vision statements are not something that should be framed and stuck on a wall, but rather should inspire and motivate people to remember why they became involved. As I work with your organization, I strive to impact these areas.

Get in touch below if you want to discuss your organization and see if there is a fit. I’ll send you a PDF of my latest book on stakeholders, “TAMING TIGERS: Managing Complex Stakeholder Environments.”

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    Here’s a presentation on managing complex stakeholder relationships.